Watchdog | Introduction



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A minimalist & multi-region network monitoring tool written in Rust

  • All-in-one solution : the project can be used to push metrics from network regions, aggregate all metrics in a server and see the results with a CLI
  • Minimal footprint : the major open-source monitoring solutions such as Prometheus and Zabbix offer a wide range of features, but consume a lot of resources (memory, network, ...). This project provides a set of components that are designed for low-resource consumption.
  • Default "push" approach : to enable multi-region network monitoring, the server defaults to a "push" approach. No need to have a fixed IP address or configure NAT in your router : all data is sent from the regions to the main public server.
  • Grafana-ready : while the project provides a CLI to view the status of your regions and track incidents, the project also integrates with Grafana.
  • Configuration as code : easily backup your configuration, keep track of changes with Git and share with other teams.