ARP scan | Getting started

Getting started

Getting started

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Download the arp-scan binary for Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, ...). See the releases page for other binaries.

wget -O arp-scan && chmod +x ./arp-scan

Optionnaly, fetch the IEEE OUI reference file (CSV format) that contains all MAC address vendors.

wget -O /usr/share/arp-scan/ieee-oui.csv

List all available network interfaces.

./arp-scan -l

Launch a scan on interface wlp1s0.

./arp-scan -i wlp1s0

Enhance the minimum scan timeout to 5 seconds (by default, 2 seconds).

./arp-scan -i wlp1s0 -t 5s

Perform an ARP scan on the default network interface, VLAN 45 and JSON output.

./arp-scan -Q 45 -o json